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General Terms

Advertisers and users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws for uploading content, text, images, graphics and videos (“Content”) to advertise on bigbsgrocery.com Will not be liable.

Both users and advertisers assure that the subject matter of the advertisement does not breach any copyright, intellectual property rights and any other rights of any person or entity. Advertisers and users further agree that bigbsgrocery.com is completely free from all obligations, liabilities and claims incurred as a result of this service.

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Advertisers grant Bigbsgrocery.com permanent, unalterable rights and licenses to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, and distribute any content that may be created now or in the future. Does.

bigbsgrocery.com – Any kind of documents on the website such as copyright, trademark, service mark, business name and other separating brands are bound by all the rules and regulations. Please note that it is not possible to copy, reuse, republish, install, post, transfer, save or exchange any content on this site without our written permission.


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Security and pictures

The site bigbsgrocery.com reserves the right not to publish such images or images irrelevant or in violation of the rules of bigbsgrocery.com.

Users email address

Users are required to submit a valid email to post ads. The submitted email address will not be publicly shown to anyone

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Refined content

Some of the services at bigbsgrocery.com require payment, such as membership packages, posting ads in selected categories, and selling products through Doorstep Delivery.

Advertisers can purchase vouchers from bigbsgrocery.com to promote their ads. The voucher will not be exchangeable for money.

If advertisers and users voluntarily wish to post content on bigbsgrocery.com for a fee, the service provider may need to change the information through a third party, which may be governed by that party’s own policies. By joining any third party to the Service Provider, the advertiser and the user will be at their own risk and Bigbsgrocery.com is free from any liability associated with it. Bigbsgrocery.com will not be obliged to refund any money against the paid subject.